Commercial Reforestation Project

Reforestadroa Cumare S.A.S

Since 2013, Campo Capital has been working on forestry on an industrial scale, which will allow supplying a forestry industry near Puerto López, Meta.

This is a greenfield forestry project, operated by Campo Forestal, a company created by Campo Capital S.A.S. and the Chilean company Cambium S. A. since 2013. The project aims to plant commercial timber for the plank market.

The investment to date reaches USD 52 million, with 25,000 hectares acquired, and 10,000 hectares planted with Eucalyptus in San Martín-Meta. The project is funded by the Timberland Investment Management Organization - Global Forest Partners LLC, from the United States and has been FSC certified since 2016.

Currently 60% of the timber used in Colombia is illegal timber that comes from our native forests. Responsible planting processes like this one avoids the deforestation of the Colombian native forest. Campo Capital participated in the financial, legal and technical structuring of the project and currently operates it.


Forest hectares planted.


Permanent jobs on average. Reaching peaks of 140 jobs.



Protected forest hectares.


Planting companies have been created around the project, in support of the venture.

Cocoa Project

Manakao S.A.S

This project has been developing since September 2018, through the company Manakao S.A.S. Our purpose is to produce high quality cocoa with a flavor and aroma fit for export. This project is 100% financed.

It is also a Greenfield cocoa project, which comes to life in the Manacacias region, Municipality of Puerto López - Meta. We will work with 400 hectares of cocoa, reaching an investment of USD 5 million.

The project has a significant environmental impact as it is an agroforestry arrangement in an area of ​​deforestation and intensive livestock farming, including the management of native species such as Yopo and Cacai. The project also incorporates cocoa mechanization practices and irrigation infrastructure, being one of the first of its kind to be developed in Colombia. In addition, we hope to obtain Rainforest Alliance and ISCC certifications. .

First stage of the project: 100 hectares will be planted by the end of 2020. Second stage of the project: 300 hectares will be planted between 2022 - 2023.


By 2021 we will have 400 planted hectares.

Aromatic herbs project

Campo Herbs S.A.S

Campo Capital, through the company Campo Herbs, has been developing this project since February 2018, in order to produce aromatic herbs for export.

A Greenfield aromatic herb project in the municipality of Mariquita, Tolima. The project seeks to produce 8 tons of aromatic herbs per week, with annual export expectations of over USD4 million, in an area of ​​20 hectares. It is an exceedingly high added value project as it is ideal for improving the use of small areas. The project hopes to obtain Primus certification.

Today we are executing 10 hectares of basil project (6 hectares of conventional basil and 4 hectares organic basil), with 100% financing.

This project will generate 40 direct jobs and the linkage of multiple construction, transportation, irrigation, and water treatment contractors, among others.
The property where the project is carried out is adjacent to Cerro de Lumbi, a special protection area, which implies the development of a very responsible practice, conserving and improving the baseline of the flora and fauna of the place.


We generated 80 direct jobs, among other contractor procurement.



tons of basil per year is our expectation.