Campo Capital
We link investment & capital resources with countryside.
Our projects have reached sectors such as Forest, Cocoa, Aromatic Herbs & Fruits of Amazon region.
We work with private investors, international cooperation entities, investment funds, and governments of different countries
Our projects has as objective to capture greenhouse gases that reduce climate impact and promote sustainable economic alternatives
We invest in Colombia countryside, generating high value and maximizing the economic, social & enviromental return.

¿Who we are?

Founded in 2010, Campo Capital has worked in different production chains, focused on investment management and project development in forestry and agricultural sector in latin america.

Our goal is to offer a maximization of economic, social and environmental returns to interested investors in these sectors, based on our experience to make decisions, planning, design strategies, effectively execution, always delivering high standard reports on investment monitoring and follow-up.
Thanks to our activities, we contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) by incorporating specific compliance goals into our projects.


We are specialists in the forestry and agricultural sector


We stand out for excellence in financial practices


We structure comprehensive projects from the legal, social and environmental point of view


We know countryside and investors language, creating an effective communication bridge for investment
Hectares protected with native forest and moriche.
Hectares planted
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Jobs generated
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Hectares in forest crops, cocoa & aromatic herbs
USD $ 0 Millones
Resources under managment
Tons of Carbon Captured
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Hectares purchased and land linkaged in Colombia

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Enviromental Finance Award

This June 29, 2022 Campo Capital has been awarded by Enviromental Finance, the leading environmental finance news service in the United Kingdom that reports on

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ESG Metrics and their importance

Since the 1960s, companies worldwide have turned their policies around the concept of sustainable investment. To comply with this new vision, there are a series

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Project: Empacor

START: 2010
STATUS: Finished
ACTIVITIES: Business plan for the selection of a forestry operation to supply wood for the company's production.
LOCATION:: Antioquia
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Project: Reforestadora Cumare

START: 2013
STATUS: On implementation.
ACTIVITIES: Planting of timber trees on an industrial scale aimed at the board market. This is a forestry Greenfield project, operated by Campo Forestal, a company created by Campo Capital S.A.S. and the Chilean company Cambium S.A. since 2013.
LOCATION: Puerto Lopez - Meta
FIGURES: 10,000 hectares planted with Eucalyptus. 3053 hectares of protected forest. The project is financed by the Timberland Investment Management Organization - Global Forest Partners LLC, from the United States and has been FSC certified since 2016. Currently 60% of the wood used in Colombia is illegal wood that comes from our native forests. Responsible planting processes like this one prevent the deforestation of the Colombian native forest. Campo Capital participated in the financial, legal and technical structuring of the project and currently operates it.

Project: Biosfera Norte

START: 2021
STATUS: Finished
ACTIVITIES: Implementation of the operational, administrative and financial structuring phase of carob planting in the North Biosphere for total Enery/Aider in the Seed Capital stage based on the production of carob flour for export.
LOCATION: Piura - Peru
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