Project Management

Campo Capital S.A.S, as suggested by its name, is the link between capital investments and the agriculture sector

We are convinced that the countryside requires sound and long-term investments in order to grow sustainably. Countryside investments not only need to be profitable, but also environmental and socially responsible in order to meet the necessities of a broad stakeholder group.

That is why, since 2010 we have worked for:

  • Succesfully comply with rigorous investment management standards.
  • Providing transparent results based on our track record.
  • Following detailed control processes that allow for effective follow-up on all relevant activities.

Project Management

It is the asset management process that looks to optimize economic performance by taking into consideration the environmental and social impact of the projects.

Project Management starts from planning sessions with investors, where suitable assets for acquisition are discussed. Planning is then incorporated into financial models to base strategies and their respective implementation on.

  • Management and operation supervision.
  • Financial monitoring.
  • Marketing and product commercialization.
  • Legal affairs, permits and licenses.
  • Certifications
  • Compliance


Campo Forestal S.A.S

Since 2013, Campo Capital S.A.S manages Campo Forestal S.A.S, a forest greenfield project located in San Martín, Meta. Campo Forestal S.A.S is a sustainable plantation, based on eucalyptus timber production for the chip-board market.

Campo Forestal is operated by Campo Capital S.A.S and Cambium S.A, a Chilean company. To date, investments in the project amount to USD 52 M while total project extension amounts to 25.000 hectares with 10.000 hectares planted.

This project is financed by Timberland Investment Management Organization – Global Forest Partners LLC.

Additionally, Campo Forestal runs under SAP Business One since 2019 and is FSC-certified since 2016.

Campo Herbs S.A.S

Campo Herbs S.A.S is a company dedicated to the production of aromatic herbs, particularly basil, in Mariquita, Tolima.

This project, operated by Campo Capital S.A.S, looks to produce 8 tons of basil per week and export at least USD 4 M annually. This makes Campo Herbs S.A.S an intensive project capable of generating several jobs and improve the usage of small land extensions.

Since 2020, Campo herbs S.A.S is Primus-certified, and up to date it has seen investments up to USD 1.2 M for 10 hectares.

Manakao S.A.S

Manakao S.A.S is a cocoa agroforestry project managed by Campo Capital S.A.S since 2018. It is based on the production of fine aroma cocoa for export. It is an innovative project located in the Manacacías region, designed to hold close to 400 hectares of agroforestry systems with native species.

The project is in the early stages as it currently comprises 100 hectares. Nonetheless, once the project reaches full capacity, close to USD 5 M will be invested, thus generating high environmental impact in a region characterized by deforestation and wildfires.

Manakao S.A.S also incorporates cutting-edge technology into its strategy as it works with automatized irrigation and fertilizing systems, making it one of the first projects of its kind in the region. Lastly, Manakao S.A.S plans to formalize its commitment to social and environmental excellence and therefore looks to comply with Rainforest Alliance and FSC requirements in the future.

Café Las Hortensias

Café Las Hortensias is an organic coffee project managed by Campo Capital S.A.S since 2021. The project is located in Pinchote, Santander, and currently holds 60 hectares of coffee agroforestry arrays that produce specialty coffee loads graded with 84.5 points on the SCA scale.

Besides this, Campo Capital S.A.S is currently designing a 200 hectares expansion for the project and expected to begin a fundraising campaign of USD 3 M soon. This expansion will involve native forests conservation and cooperation with local communities.

Biósfera Norte

Biósfera Norte is a seed- capital-stage project base on the production of carob powder for export. It is located in Piura, Peru, and looks to hold 2.000 hectares of sustainable carob tree plantations.

Biósfera Norte is a paradigm-changing project in that it involves cutting-edge agriculture technology e.g. automatized irrigation systems and working with communities.

The project will be inaugurated in 2022, will be operated by Campo Capital S.A.S and will require an investment close to USD 5 M.