Campo Capital S.A.S. as its name in Spanish roughly translating to Capital Countryside states, is the link between capital and investment resources and the countryside.

We are convinced that the countryside requires serious and long-term investments for its sustainable development. Investments in the countryside must be profitable, economically attractive, environmentally responsible and have a social impact on job creation that benefits various stakeholders.

Since 2010, our work has been highlighted by:

  • Responding satisfactorily to the demanding management standards required by foreign investment..
  • The transparency of our structures and prompt results in our trajectory.
  • The detailed processes and controls that allow us to monitor and effectively control all activities.


The asset and wealth management process seeks to optimize economic performance, hand in hand with social impact and environmental sustainability.

Project management starts from a planning process with investors, where the types of assets to be acquired are defined and from that moment actions based on a financial model are carried out, which leads to defining the best strategies and their way of being implemented.

  • Management and operations.
  • Management and financial monitoring.
  • Product marketing.
  • Legal and labor matters, permits and licenses.
  • Certifications
  • Compliance



Campo Capital provides 3 types of consulting

  • Investment consulting: business plans, financial models, investment strategies, financial evaluations, market studies and creation of investment structures.
  • Legal advice in agricultural investment processes: permanent legal support in the development of agricultural projects and investments. Campo Capital identifies the legal risks of each project to mitigate and face them when they arise. We work in the development and formalization of land ownership and linking schemes, study of titles, defense of property, environmental permits and licenses for the execution of projects; import of plant material, preparation and monitoring of contracts, using the experience with providers of agricultural and industrial goods and services.
  • Institutional Consulting: different institutions seek to support sector-type financing processes. For this purpose, at Campo Capital S.A.S. we offer consulting and advisory services in the preparation of business plans, sector studies, opinions on investment processes, among others.


Forestry, cocoa, aromatic herbs, cereals, fruits, palm and fruits from the Amazon region