Life in Campo Capital S.A.S


Life in Campo Capital S.A.S


Campo Capital S.A.S lives for the ccountryside. We like to spend time outside, exercising, running, hiking and outdoor activities. That is why, during the year, there are 2 events that stop our activities:

End of Year Celebrations are annual gatherings where Campo Capital S.A.S' team travels to national parks and tourist sights. The purpose of these visits is to know Colombian natural wonders and to get a break from our demanding responsibilities.

Up to date, Campo Capital S.A.S' team has visited 3 parks: Chingaza Natural Park, Chicaque and Los Nevados Natural Park.

Los Nevados Natural Park (2021)

In 2020, we set a an ambitious challege: place Campo Capital S.A.S' flag on top of the Santa Isabel snowy peak.

We know it was going to be a difficult task, but we committed to give it an honest try as a team.

After many obstacles, injuries, training sessions, and changes of schedule, on Monday, March 15th we departed from Bogota with a positive attitude and our best efforts.

On Wednesday, March 17th, we woke up early (without much sleep) decided to climb the mountain and, thanks to amazing weather not seen in years, we managed to get to the top of this beautiful peak.

"We walk faster by ourselves, but get further as a team".

Chicaque (2019)

Chingaza Natural Park (2018)

The Green Race (2015-2021)

The Green Race is a sports event organized by the Natura Foundation. It consists of a 10 kilometers thematic marathon for the promotion of ecosystem conservation, biodiversity monitoring, and climate change awareness.

For each runner, Natura Foundation pledges to plant 3 trees in vulnerable regions affected by deforestation. Thus, Campo Capital S.A.S has taken this challenge personally and has participated in the event for the last 5 years with all of his employees.