Specialized Consultancy Services

Campo Capital S.A.S offers 3 types of specialized consultancy services:

  • Investment consulting: We create business plans, financial modelling, investment strategies, valuations, market studies and investment vehicle structures for the agriculture sector.
  • Legal advisory: We perform legal accompaniment for agriculture projects development. We identify inherent risks and create coherent management strategies. We perform land ownership and title studies. We perform work on environmental permits and licenses as well as vegetable material imports. We monitor contracts as well as supplier relationships.
  • Institutional consulting: We accompany foreign investors and cooperation agencies interest in the agriculture sector, by creating investment pipelines, business plans and sector research as well as providing expert opinions.


Forestal, hierbas aromáticas, cacao, palma, cereales, frutos amazónicos y frutas tradicionales

Our clients

Campo Capital S.A.S is constantly hired in orer to create business plans, finanicla models, investment vehicles and sectorial research.

During the past 10 years, Campo Capital S.A.S has worked with Althelia Ecosphere, Total Energy, MAS Equity Partners, Partnerships for Forests, GGGI, among others, in this kind of tasks.